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7 Easy Breakfasts On-The-Go

One of the biggest challenges we hear from people is that they have a hard time eating breakfast. People sleep in and then rush around, they don’t like eating in the morning, are at the gym early, or forget to have something quick to grab on their way out the door. This breakfast dilemma leads to an over consumption of caffeine and long lines at the drive-thru for those morning donuts. It also wreaks havoc on our water intake because we are too focused on filling up on coffee to keep us moving through our day.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself when trying to improve your eating habits is meal prepping a few easy On-The-Go breakfasts for your week.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but we genuinely believe in the “Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail” theory. If you want to succeed, prep some healthy options before you start your busy week. This means write MEAL PREP on your calendar and don’t break that date with yourself. You are worth it.

We want to help you succeed, so we picked out 7 of our favorite On-The-Go recipes for you to prep this weekend.

Egg Bites are a great quick fix. Try freezing them and heating them in the microwave before running out the door. You can make these with or without dairy by omitting the cheese and swapping to almond milk. We love adding broccoli or tomato for some extra vegetables.

We love a quick smoothie for our morning boost. Try this and kickstart your day with vegetables, don’t be afraid to add some protein powder or collagen to your smoothies to help you feel fuller longer.

Freeze these muffins and warm them up before heading out the door. These are a perfect Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free option that your whole family will love.

These Whole 30 approved bowls are lifesavers, especially for athletes or anyone who doesn’t have time to eat often throughout their day. These can be filling and versatile, depending on your food needs.

Batch cooking a few items on Sunday will make your week run smoother. Try this casserole with turnips or shredded sweet potatoes.

Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber. Get some gut-healing foods and a delicious breakfast in this easy to assemble dish.

We couldn’t do a Fall Breakfast round-up without adding in some Pumpkin Spice into your life. This overnight oat creation is going to put you in the Fall season spirit.

Launch your healthy meal-prep habit this weekend. Write down the ingredients, head to the grocery store, and come home and take 2 hours to prep breakfast this week. You don’t have to be perfect and prep every meal 7 days a week; start small and begin your prep with healthy breakfasts for your week. When you have On-The-Go options, you won’t have excuses to skip meals or eat donuts. You can set yourself up for a successful week with these 7 easy breakfasts.

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