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Best Supplements For Anxiety And Depression

When it comes to mental health, you can take any edge you can get.

While I always recommend getting nutrients from whole food sources, I do believe that there are times supplementation of certain vitamins and minerals can be a game changer for your mental health. Below I have listed a recommendation list of supplements that could benefit your anxiety or depression.

Vitamin D - This is a unanimous number one! While getting this vitamin from the sun is recommended, it’s not always possible to do so with office jobs and less-than-ideal weather. Studies have shown a lack of Calcidiol in those struggling with anxiety. Calcidiol is the byproduct of broken down Vitamin D. Try taking around 700-800 IU daily.

Vitamin C - Yep, its benefits far exceed physical health. I read a study recently that showed a MASSIVE decrease in depression and anxiety symptoms from those who took around 500-800mg of Vitamin C daily. Look for an increase in mood and energy from this wonderful resource!

Magnesium - Magnesium directly works in the production of serotonin in your body., Serotonin directly works with improved mood. Most of us have a huge magnesium deficiency, which also can prevent the absorption of Vitamin D. If you have consumed a lot of processed foods, then you are probably someone that could greatly benefit from this. Try supplementing around 300mg daily!

Zinc - A 2020 showed a correlation between low zinc and increased anxiety. As a trace mineral, we don’t need a lot of Zinc, but though it’s small, it plays a major role in the immune system, cell health, and the creation of DNA. Try supplementing 10mg daily!

Creatine - It’s way more than a supplement for physical performance. Creatine acts as an energy source for your mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of your cells. Basically, healthy mitochondria lead to an overall healthier body. You should see an increase in cognitive function, strength, and focus from this supplement. 5mg daily is a great dose for most individuals.

If you struggle with anxiety and depression, then these are great options for you to try! Let’s put an end to anxiety and depression together!

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