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You're Warming Up The Wrong Way

When you show up for your workout, you want to be at your best!!

Obviously, you shouldn’t just show up and start exercising at a high intensity. Your body needs to be prepped for the task at hand.

Many of us do some light walking, a few static stretches, and then we get after it. If that’s you, then you are probably not getting the most out of your workout routine and you may unknowingly be setting yourself up for injury.

Studies have shown that static stretching prior to resistance training or cardiovascular training can lead to a higher risk of injury. Stretching can provide greater flexibility, but flexibility without strength can cause a pull of the muscle. If you are only engaging in static stretching, then I recommend doing it post-workout rather than before.

Instead, try to utilize priming before your workout. Priming is a set of active movements that directly focus on creating mobility and stability around the joints. This can be followed by an explosive form of the movement that will be performed.

For example, 2-3 sets of wall circles followed by 2 sets of banded explosive chest presses can prove to greatly increase your work capabilities for a chest workout. For legs, try the 90-90 mobility movement followed by jump squats.

If you have a lack of mobility or the presence of pain, comment below and I’ll send you two mobility exercises to put into your routine.

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