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5 Tips For Eating Well During Christmas Week

Christmas week is here, which means the stars align and every type of delicious concoction is thrust in front of your face. I mean it’s rude to not eat every brownie, cookie, and candy bestowed upon me, right?!

So how do we manage food well in this season, so that we don’t totally derail our progress this year? That’s a great question and I want to give you some tips that I think will help. In saying that, this is the most important thing.

There’s not a good enough reason for you to be miserable during the holidays. Food is not your enemy, overeating is your enemy, I do not condone being so serious with your diet and exercise that you can't have fun.


Okay, now that we got that covered, here are some tips that I use during all the Christmas festivities.

1. Pregame! No, not with alcohol. If I am going to a party that will not have any healthy options, then I will eat something healthy right before I leave. This could be some chicken and rice or a protein shake. This will save me from overindulging in food that I’m going to regret later. By the time I get to the party and it’s finally time to eat, I can manage to eat a piece of cake and not the whole cake.

2. Eat protein first! If there’s no way to pregame, then go for any type of protein first when you eat. Protein is your best bet at giving you the feeling of being full. Most of the processed carbs on the table will leave you wanting more and more. Eating some turkey, ham, or other meat will save you from plate number two and three.

3. If someone gives you candy or dessert, then I will do one of two things. I will tell my spouse to hide it so that I can eat one or two pieces and not the whole bag. Most of the time, I actually forget I even have it. The second thing you can do is cut yourself a piece or two and then get rid of the rest. I don’t care who you are, you do not need to eat a whole plate of brownies. Trust me!

4. Drink a large glass of water before you eat. When you arrive at a Christmas gathering, fill up a cup of water, and make yourself drink the whole thing before you fix your plate. This will help get your head in a better spot for choosing food and it will give you a sensation of fullness when you eat.

5. Don’t beat yourself up. Listen, this is important. You are probably going to eat too much food and that’s okay. Just don’t let a wild night of gingerbread cookies and Christmas tree Reeces turn into a month-long of stuffing yourself like a Christmas stocking. That’s where the real damage happens!

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