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Habits: Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset

What is your goal? What is something you have always wanted to achieve?

Why haven't you gone after it? Why haven't you ferociously chased after that one goal?

Chances are, you don't believe you are capable of achieving it. You probably think that goal is so big and so out there that you could never accomplish it in real life.

In his book, Chase The Lion, Mark Batterson says that

"If your dreams don't scare you, you're not dreaming big enough."

We, as humans, struggle with fear. Fear of failure, fear of opinions, fear of suffering, and fear of putting our goals into the universe.


How do we move past the lies and fears?

The inability to move past our fears to reach our goals is a You Vs. You problem.

You are the person that keeps you from reaching your goal.

Once you believe that and can begin to accept that, you can start taking steps towards conquering the fear of failure.

The key to change is a Healthy Mindset. When we believe we can't do something, we get stuck in a season of staying the same. The problem is we have a Fixed Mindset, and that will hold us back. When you genuinely think you can't achieve anything else in life, you won't try. When you are in a Fixed Mindset, you believe the lies like "I can't accomplish that, so why bother trying?" A Fixed Mindset is an unhealthy place to stay if you have goals you want to achieve.

What does a healthy mindset do for our goals?

A Growth Mindset is crucial to change. When you are ready to set a goal and move forward with momentum, you have to have a Growth Mindset.

When we believe WE CAN, We Do!

A Growth Mindset tells us that fear is normal, and we can keep going because we can overcome fear and achieve our goals.

In the past, I struggled with my weight. I have tried every diet you can imagine, and one day, I just gave up and decided that I was always going to be bigger. I began struggling with my health and started down a path toward depression and anxiety. I failed at every attempt to be skinny, why do anything else? In 2010, my husband wanted to change his eating, so I started eating and cooking healthy whole foods to help him reach his goal. A few months into a whole foods lifestyle, I began to notice small changes in myself. It was at that moment that I realized I was the only one holding me back from reaching my goals. I had tried quick-fix diets that didn't work and told myself there was something wrong with me. The problem wasn't me. It was that I hadn't found the right lifestyle for me. Rather than believing that I could change, I told myself I was a failure at every diet, so why bother? Growth Mindset allowed me to get started on a whole foods lifestyle and has helped me keep going for almost 11 years. Cultivating a growth mindset gave me health, strength, and the courage to take on even bigger goals for my life.

So, where does your mind sit?

Do you have a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset?

Take a quick look at these phrases to see where you stand. If you are in a fixed mindset, we have work to do. The good news is, you aren't alone, and we can work through habits to get you into a Growth mindset. If you already have a Growth Mindset, let's set goals and move you toward achieving them one strategy at a time.


I can't I can't right now but I am going to try

It's too hard It's hard but I am going to learn

Why bother If I start maybe I will learn and achieve

I always fail My failures help me grow

Life never works out Life is what we make it

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