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5 Tips To Prioritizing YOU

Taking time to refresh and rest is an essential part of maintaining your health. Do you know what the last thing we add to our calendar is? You guessed it, ME TIME!

Why are we so quick to add everyone else's plans and agendas to our daily schedule, but we never stop and do something for ourselves?

What is holding us back from prioritizing our needs?

If we dig deep, more than likely, we don't prioritize our needs because we don't believe we need a break. We don't believe WE deserve a break. We don't believe WE are as important as everyone else's needs.

We always tell ourselves that our "busy season" will slow down, and then we will take some time.

Unfortunately, we cannot quit putting our Me Time aside. If we fill up our schedule with too many things, we end up crashing or feeling overwhelmed.

5 Tips To Prioritizing YOU

1. Put White Space On Your Calendar

Take out your calendar and leave some empty spaces in your month that are just for you. I like to say, make a date with yourself and don't break it. Me time is working on your mental health; you need to incorporate it each month.

2. Learn To Say NO

If what people ask of you cuts into your White Space on your calendar or makes you take your Me Time off the calendar, say NO! Your mental health is worth protecting, and those around you will have to respect your health and needs.

3. Create A List Of Reasons Why You Deserve To Be A Priority

This is easier said than done and will take some serious soul searching. Why are you important? Why do you deserve to be a priority over everyone else's needs? Once you have a few good reasons, keep that list visible whenever you try breaking a date with yourself.

4. Have More Fun

Stop taking life so seriously. It's okay to laugh, play, and blow off responsibility every once in a while. You have to enjoy life so that you don't get bored and frustrated. Plan a family game night or play outside. Cancel all your plans and go on an adventure.

5. Give Yourself Grace

We are our biggest critics in life. We often pick ourselves apart and never feel like we've accomplished what we need to do. Guess what; You Are Enough! Stop and think about all the things you have accomplished in life and continuously remind yourself of those things when you start to feel unworthy. Give yourself grace, and remember that you don't have to be perfect. Keep making progress; you will achieve your goals.

"Make yourself a priority once in a while.

It's not selfish.

It's necessary ."

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