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5 Steps To Creating An Intentional Month

How you start your month determines your success.

If you overbook your calendar, you will be too busy to focus on you. If you go into your month without a plan or direction, you will put too much on your plate. You have to begin setting intentions so that you can walk into a new month with an action plan. A goal is just a goal unless there are steps in place to achieve it.

Here are 5 Steps to help set intentions for a new month:

1. Set Priorities For Your Month

What do you want to accomplish? What will you give priority to this month? Once you know your priority, you will be able to create goals to focus on that priority.

2. Don’t Focus On Too Many Tasks

John Maxwell says, “Making everything a priority means nothing is a priority.” When we try to put too many eggs in our basket, we cannot focus on achieving a goal. Don’t be afraid to slow down and focus on one task a month.

3. Create a Calendar

Sit down and create a calendar for your month. Put your priorities on your calendar first. You need to put YOU on your calendar each week so that you have time to take a break and refresh. We all know you cannot pour from an empty cup, but very few of us actually fill ourselves up in a purposeful way each month. Quit overbooking your calendar with things that have no business being on there.

4. Set Boundaries

It’s okay to say NO to things that don’t move you toward your goal. When we are aiming for a deadline or a goal, we have to be picky about a few things:

  • Who you spend time with

  • How you spend time

  • Who you let speak into your life

  • What you consume on social media, in books, or on TV

Set healthy boundaries that launch you toward success and surround yourself with people who believe in you.

5. Have Fun

Too often, we are so focused on achieving our goals that we forget to stop and enjoy the process. If you stress yourself out trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle, you’ve completely missed the point of your goal. Put time with friends and family on your calendar, where you can unwind and focus on enjoying all of your hard work.

Don’t be afraid to slow down and start small. Every step forward is an act of faith in yourself.

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