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5 Ways to Stay Motivated With Your At-Home Workouts

Working out at home can be a fantastic way to get your workout in without the hassle, uncomfortableness, or cost of getting into a gym. At-home workouts can save you time and money, but they can also get put on the backburner if you aren’t motivated.

Here are 5 ways to stay motivated with your at-home workouts.

1. Find a workout program that works for you.

There are hundreds of programs and options for working out at home. Sometimes the most challenging part of working out is figuring out which workout program is right for you. Know your goals before picking a plan. What do you want to achieve by the end of your program?

2. Set a time, put it on your calendar, and don’t break a date with yourself

When you workout at home, you have to be committed. At-home workouts can lead to a trap of not working out because we get distracted with cleaning, cooking, or chores. We have to put our workouts on the calendar and commit to completing the program for ourselves. What is the best time for you to move?

3. Buy gym equipment and create a space you enjoy using.

Setting up your space is essential so that there are no excuses NOT to move. If we have to drag our equipment out and clean up our space, we won’t do it. If we walk into an area that is set up with equipment we love using, we will feel motivated and inspired. What is in your home gym?

4. Share your movements

The biggest struggle with home workouts is that we don’t have accountability. You don’t have a coach pushing you or a community to motivate you. It’s your job to create community and accountability. Create community by posting your workout selfies on Social Media or with a group of trusted friends. Let people know what you are doing or hire a personal trainer. Who holds you accountable?

5. Track your progress

The more you notice progress, the more encouraged you will be to continue. While weight isn’t the best indicator of progress, girth measurements can be a great option. One of my favorite progress trackers is doing a workout at the beginning of your programming and doing the same workout at the end of your workout to see how far you’ve come. How will you track progress?

At-home workouts can be incredibly effective if you apply strategies to reach your goals. Take time to decide what plans, times, equipment, accountability, and progress works for you.

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