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7 Easy Pumpkin Recipes

October is PUMPKIN SEASON! Who doesn’t love a great pumpkin spice meal?

Here are 7 of our favorite Pumpkin Recipes that you can enjoy this Autumn season.

Pumpkin waffles with warm maple syrup are the perfect meal for crisp Fall mornings. If you want an easy healthy option, check out these Pumpkin waffles.

These pumpkin parfaits are a great make-ahead snack for dinner parties or a fun after school dessert. Grab the kids and let them help create these beautiful treats.

No time to bake? No problem, blend these nutritious bites, and enjoy a pumpkin spice treat in 5 minutes.

There is no better way to launch the Fall season than a warm pumpkin spice latte. Take out the chemicals, additives, and the overabundance of sugar with this delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte.

If you want your house to smell amazing, make these incredible pumpkin donut holes. These little treats are so easy to make and taste fantastic.

These classic little cookies are combining some of my favorite treats, chocolate, and pumpkin. I love making these for bonfires and Fall get-togethers.

Not a fan of pumpkin drinks and desserts? Check out this savory Pumpkin soup for a warm Autumn lunch.

What is your favorite Pumpkin treat to enjoy in the Fall? We’d love to hear about your favorite Fall recipes.

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