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7 Easy On-the- Go Snacks

Let’s be honest; some days, we do not have time to cook and meal prep. There are days when we wake up late, rush out the door and realize we forgot to grab food. We have moments where we are out and just want something simple and easy to eat.

Parents, we don’t want to make homemade snacks for every single school lunch all year.

I totally get it, and we decided to share 7 of our favorite On-The-Go Snacks that are free of Sugar, Dairy, Gluten, Corn- Syrup, Food Dyes, Additives, and preservatives. We love healthy snacks that are made from Real Food Ingredients.

The snacks we are sharing today can be found at almost every grocery store or big box store, as well as Amazon.

Meat Snacks

We are obsessed with EPIC and Chomps meat snacks. Their simple, environmentally sustainable products are delicious and easy to toss in a bag. Meat snacks provide healthy protein sources for a filling On-the-Go option.

We have three favorite options that are sustainably sourced and free of harmful ingredients:

These snack food bars provide a delicious snack that kids will love. Lara Bar even has bars that contain vegetables and bars that come in smaller portions. The dates and nut-based bars give you energy throughout the day.

Squeeze Pouches

Who doesn’t love squeeze pouches for their kids. Real-life, I eat them just as much as my kids do. When we are out all day, I always have these in my bag ready for that hunger call. We love that many brands now offer packs that contain vegetables for a filling, nutritious option. There are so many squeeze pouch brands on the market, look for ones that do not contain added sugars or food colorings.

Here are a few brands we love:

Siete Foods and Guacamole

When we changed our diet, we missed a lot of our old favorites. Chips and dip were basically a no go until we discovered Siete grain-free chips. When we are out and about or going on road trips, we will grab a bag of Siete chips and mini guacamole packs.

Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit & Nut Butter

We love snacking on nuts and seeds for a quick snack. Before sending these to school, check snack policies and allergy warnings. We do a lot of sunflower seeds and sunflower butter to keep within allergy guidelines. When looking for dried fruit, look for fruit that is just fruit with no sugar or preservatives added.

Here are some brands we love:

These bars were a lifesaver for me as a teacher and a new mom. I basically lived off of the Chocolate Sea Salt bars. These bars have tons of varieties and have always satisfied my sweet tooth. These contain eggs and are more filling than a Lara Bar. We love their seasonal options like Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, and chocolate varieties. Recently, they added a Kid’s Bar that is the perfect snack size.


No matter where you are, fruit is always an option. One of our favorite things to do when traveling is to stop at a local stand and grab fresh, in-season fruits. If you are packing lunches or throwing food in a to-go bag, pack apples or oranges so that they last without breaking all over your stuff. My kids love packing an apple and nut butter into their On-the-Go bags.

We hope you enjoy this On-the-Go snack list. We are curious; what are your favorite healthy snacks when traveling or packing school lunches?

We’d love to hear from you and share more delicious options to our community.

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