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7 Easy Meal Prep Dinners

Are you tired of the same repetitive meals? Spaghetti, Burgers, Leftovers?

Before switching to a whole foods lifestyle, I found myself stuck in a boring eating routine. What I love that most about our diet now is that we are more willing to try new foods and have expanded our meal options. Those nights when we are busy with events, I love creating a few staples for on- the- go dinners that don’t get boring.

At the beginning of each week, I love cooking a bunch of protein and storing it for my meal prep. Cook up some grilled chicken or ground beef and prep these delicious and simple burrito bowls.

We are all for variety in our meals each day. No one wants to eat chicken and broccoli for every dinner. By adding variety in your meats, you are increasing micronutrients for your body. Fish night is always a great idea; try this easy salmon dish.

Crock-pot and instant pot meals are an easy option for busy families. This Creamy Chicken and rice can be cooked in bulk for freezer meals or big family dinners.

These tacos are filling and can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less (buy pre-cut sweet potatoes to increase prep time). I could eat varieties of this dish all the time.

Eating healthy is far from basic and boring. No matter what you are craving, you can find healthy recipes to create the foods you love. This dish is quick, easy, and a perfect meal prep option for your family.

This maybe your favorite family dinner for the next few months because they are so good and easy to prep. If you want a dairy-free alternative for the sauce on top, I recommend Kite Hill Sour Cream.

This share is slightly different from our usual recipes, but dinner is one of the easiest meals to prep. I love sharing ways for people to feel confident in their food choices without putting in hours of work every day. Utilizing your freezer is essential for staying on track and sticking to your food goals. These recipe options are one of my favorite ones to share with new moms or people just launching a health journey.

A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Make a few healthy dishes for your week so that you can win with your health goals.

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