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3 Tips to Healthy AND Cheap Groceries

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

I would be healthy, if I had the money to afford healthy food.

We’ve all been there. You chose to walk into a smoothie store and somehow a glass of juice cost you $12, it doesn’t taste great, and an hour later you're hungry again.

Literally, the worst.

I want you to know eating healthy doesn’t have to destroy your financial situation. In fact, I’ve discovered that we can actually save money by eating healthy. 

Don’t roll your eyes. It’s true!

This past week, Kaitlin and I got all our groceries for $86. That will be enough food to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and some extra treats for the whole week. Here are three tips to help you make this a reality for you and your family:

1. Bougie Doesn’t Always Equal Better

I know you love Target,  Whole Foods, and all the “name brand” items. The problem is all of these are more expensive than let’s say an Aldi’s or a generic brand. Kaitlin and I made the shift from Walmart to Aldi a few months ago and it saves us easily $40 and week! I know it’s going to be an ugly breakup, but maybe it’s time to ditch the fancy stores, and fancy brands, and save some money.

2. Say It With Me, “MEAL PREP!”

Buying items in bulk is an easy way to save some serious money each week. If you are new to meal prepping, I would encourage you to pick a healthy and easy meal and make enough for you, or your family, to have that whole week for either lunch or dinner. Not only will you save money, but you will also have narrowed down the room for error in your diet. This is seriously a game-changer!

3. Make A Grocery List and Stick With It!

The day before you go grocery shopping take about 20 minutes and think through what you need to get for the upcoming week. Think about any events that won’t require you to cook, think about what meals you’d like to have (keep these healthy), and make a shopping list. Now, once you go shopping, only purchase the things on the list. When you go in without a plan, the grocery store has a plan ready for you and it’s expensive. I know you have stuff in your pantry right now that you have no clue why you bought it (Probably because you were hungry when you went).

Hope this is helpful! I'd love to hear how you put these into practice and share how much money you save this upcoming week!

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