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Launching January 5

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What is it?

Anew77 is a seventy-seven-day online training course that will teach you the building blocks of exercise and nutrition, provide three months of coaching and accountability, and give you practical steps to radically change your health journey.



Upon joining the course you will receive three months of exercise programming, access a weekly live video call where applicable health topics will be discussed, and be added to a private group so that you can have daily access to our team to answer your questions and maintain accountability during your journey to a healthier you.

Here is a list of weekly topics we will be covering during our live video calls:

  • Five Things You Can Do Now That Will Change Your Health

  • Understanding Macronutrients, Micronutrients, and Hydration

  • How To Address Joint Pain

  • Intuitive Eating and What It Means

  • Why Cardio Isn't The Answer

  • Resistance Training: What it is and why it's so valuable

  • Three Things That Cause You To Quit and How To Deal With Them

  • Periodization and Why You Should Care About It

  • I'm Not Losing Weight and I Don't Know Why

  • How To Make Health A Lifetime Habit

All you will need is a computer with working internet, the app Zoom installed, and a Facebook profile. All workouts can be done at home or the gym and all exercises can be done with or without equipment.

The total cost is $100/month for three months! Yes, I know that's insanely cheap for three months of access. 


What Will You Recieve?

What Will The Video Calls Consist Of?

What Will You Need?

How much Will It Cost?

Who Are We
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