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How to Create Lasting Habits

Your Daily Habits Will Determine Your Long-Term Success

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to stay motivated all of the time? Have you ever watched those Marathoners crush their running goals, even after 4 hours of non-stop running?

What most Goal Oriented people have in common isn’t motivation; it’s Healthy Habits.

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits said,

“A goal is a desired outcome.

A strategy is a desired outcome combined with a plan for achieving it.

Create strategies, not goals.”

If you want to create a healthy lifestyle, or improve your health, begin applying habits that move you toward your goals.

Where do we start?

We use the 3 M’s Method for habit making.

  1. Make it Simple

  2. Make it Visible

  3. Make yourself do it

Using these steps to create habits allows us to ease our way into a lifestyle we love. When we break our goals down into small manageable steps, we are more likely to keep going for a lifetime.

How Do We Apply This To Our Goal?

In order to see how this works, let's set a goal and break it down into the 3 M’s steps.

Goal: Eat healthier

Make It Simple:

Buy a cookbook or some already made meal plans and follow them.

Clean out your pantry and refuse to buy anything that doesn’t fit your goal.

Don’t put intense rules on yourself right away, ease into healthy eating by adding in more water, veggies, or fruit to what you already eat.

Make It Visible:

Create a space that inspires you to eat healthy (i.e., a kitchen that is clean and full of healthy cookbooks and healthy ingredients)

Follow social media accounts that share healthy recipes

Find cookbooks that inspired you to eat well

Avoid the middle isles of the grocery store where processed foods tempt you

Make Yourself Do It:

Give yourself some grace and know that you won’t be perfect every time. It’s ok, and we’ve all been there. We know that one salad isn’t going to help you reach your goal, but we know that a few extra salads throughout the week will keep you on track.

On days where you want to give up, reach out to an accountability partner or coach.

Eat one healthy meal each day, even on days where you want to finish off a pint of ice cream.

By creating small, simple strategies over time, you will see lasting changes in your life. Once you get going, motivation will follow, and you will achieve your goals.

What is your goal? How can you break your goal into the 3M’s?

Make It Simple

Make It Visible

Make Yourself Do It

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