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Welcome to Anew Training

About Me

My name is Zach Childress and I currently reside in the Heart of Delaware. I am passionate about my family, personal fitness, and helping people live a better life. In my experience, so many people are missing the potential that's resting inside of them. I want to bring that out! I want to help you be healthier, happier, and more confident. I really believe a better life begins with a better you! Let's go on this journey together.


“Working with Zach Childress and Anew Training on my fitness journey has been super gratifying and rewarding. I have seen growth in my physical and mental health since we have started our workouts. I would recommend anyone who's looking for a great, motivating, and powerful workout to consider Anew Training as part of their weekly routine. You will not regret it.”

Ennio Emmanuel

The Goal Is To Become Better.


Consistent Encouragement

The goal is a better you. As your coach, I want to walk with you through this process. When you have bad days, I want to challenge you and encourage you. When you hit exciting milestones, we will celebrate like crazy! Throughout the week, I will talk with you and be a support for you. This is about more than physical fitness. This is about personal wholeness.

A Healthier You

Yes, this will be an investment in yourself, but the results you will receive are priceless. I have helped clients lose weight, build muscle, and achieve a level of health they never dreamed possible. The same can be true for you.


Confident Coaching

You need someone that wants to make you better! With an ISSA Personal Trainer Certification and with years of experience in the health/fitness world, we will make you an expert in training and nutrition. At the end of our time together you will not only be healthier and stronger, but you will also be more knowledgable so you can continue to grow.

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